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The PFI Global Group of Companies provides coordination for a unique set of competences, which have been developed by its subsidiaries. These competencies have been acquired over a period of 30 years, enabling the current development of market activities in these key areas:

1. Investments

2. Property Development

3. Financial Engineering

4. Management of Tourism

As a result of our current strategy, the Group is ready to effectively carry out further investment tasks, as a trustworthy investor in the eyes of Financial Institutions and other Investment Partners.



PFI Global is constantly looking for new opportunities and interesting projects.

We are ready to cooperate and work on joint investments with:

- private investors
- publicly-listed companies
- universities
- cultural institutions
- local government institutions

The stable position of PFI Global is based on many years of experience, well-developed business models in various areas of the real estate market, a set of specialized competencies held by company and its subsidiaries, as well as a highly qualified and experienced board of directors.

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